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Is your company as efficient as it could be taking new products through development and into volume production?

Getting new products to market fast without blowing your budget is the name of the game. Product based businesses must be well aligned to do this well. Product development and capital investment projects must be well thought out and executed to meet the expectations of investors. Successful product development requires that performance and cost drivers be well understood and respected at every decision point.

Your manufacturing business is a complex system of people, processes, and tools.  These all need to be aligned with the goal of delivering the greatest value to your customers.  Your operations must work efficiently to optimize your profitability and provide healthy growth. Often fresh eyes can help you see your situation from a new perspective. I look at your whole operation and can offer integrated solutions to help you improve the profitability of your business.  My broad experience in industry solving challenges continues to keep me in demand as a technical resource. Every engagement is handled with the goal of developing an ongoing business relationship with my clients. I stay involved from the initial analysis through execution. My ability to deliver tangible value keeps me in business.

I apply financial analysis to problems. I do not sell software, IT solutions, manufacturing equipment, or other one dimensional solutions. I should be the first firm you contact if you want an unbiased look at your whole organization, from supply chain through market. Together we will look for opportunities where we can make the greatest positive impact.

We have expanded our product development support to include SolidWorks, AutoDesk Inventor, AutoCAD, or Pro-E Wildfire computer aided design softwares. We can deliver production drawings to presentation graphics. We work closely with your people to deliver designs quicker than many in-house resources.


e-mail me in confidence at gabriel@gachihoski.com